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Sources & Notes

Data Sources

  • Enrollment: CDE

  • % High Need: CDE

  • Revenue Per Student: CDE

  • % Meet and Exceed:  CDE CAASPP Dataset

  • Curriculum Usage: District website and email correspondence


All analysis is based on CAASPP ELA scores for SED Latinx 3rd grade students only.  Districts are included which have at least 100 students in this cohort.  For discussion on the reasons for this focus, see the Why SED Latinx 3rd Graders page.


% Meet and Exceed values are the average of 2017-18 and 2018-19 results.  CAASPP testing was suspended in 2019-20 due to the pandemic.

Analysis does not take into account the impact of bilingual / dual immersion programs, that may limit English proficiency for some 3rd grade English Language Learners.  The size and impact of this effect would vary by district.  One way to explore this issue is to assess 8th grade ELA scores for SED Latinx students, which can be viewed here.  For example, San Francisco Unified, which has an extensive dual language education program, is ranked 247 out of 270 ranked districts for 3rd grade; it is also ranked 247 for 8th grade. (Note: these rankings differ slightly from the main rankings, as they include only districts with results for both 3rd and 8th grade.)

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