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Sources & Notes 2022

Data Sources

  • Enrollment: CDE (via Ed-Data)

  • % High Need: CDE (via Ed-Data)

  • Revenue Per Student: CDE (via Ed-Data)

  • % Meet and Exceed:  CDE CAASPP Dataset

  • EL Cohort: CDE ELPAC Dataset

All analysis is based on CAASPP ELA scores for economically-disadvantaged Latino 3rd grade students only.  Districts are included which have at least 100 students in this cohort.  For discussion on the reasons for this focus, see the Why Disadvantaged Latino 3rd Graders page.

% Meet and Exceed values are based on 2021-22 results. Change in Meet & Exceed values are based on current values vs. 2018-19 values.

The EL Cohort percent is calculated using ELPAC results and overall district demographics.  The percentage represents the number of 3rd grade Latino students scoring in the lowest two categories for English proficiency ("minimally developed" and "somewhat developed") divided by the total number of economically-disadvantaged Latino 3rd graders.

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