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Building and Sustaining an Effective Structured Literacy Program: Lessons from the Field


All Live, All Virtual - Thursday, December 1

7:00 - 8:15pm Pacific Time

A Special Workshop Series By and For Teachers & Administrators

Attendance is free, but registration required

Starting the Journey: Lancaster Elementary SD

For our final session we'll be hearing from the team at Lancaster Elementary School District in Los Angeles County.  They'll be walking us through their journey in using data to recognize a need to shake things up. They'll share that journey of training teachers in structured literacy practices, purchasing reading-science-aligned curriculum, building systems, and more. They are just one year into the work and will be shedding light on the good, the bad, and the ugly!


The Teacher Workshop Series is designed specifically for California teachers to hear directly from their peers at schools and districts dealing with the practical issues of how to improve reading programs and results, especially for high-need students.

We're meeting in the evening, so grab the beverage of your choice, put on your comfy pants, and settle in with us to learn from real boots-on-the-ground educators!  There will be time for questions and discussions with your fellow educators.

Attendance is free, but registration required

Questions:  Email us at

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