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Case Studies

Districts, States, and Countries that have succeeded in teaching all students to read

The Perfect Storm: Mississippi’s Momentum for Improving Reading Achievement

Description of Mississippi's program and results from one of the leaders of their implementation efforts

Bonita Unified School District

One of California's leading districts for student achievement in teaching reading

Pajaro Valley Unified School District

SIPPS Foundational Skills Program plus CORE Professional Development

There Is a Right Way to Teach Reading, and Mississippi Knows It: The state’s reliance on cognitive science explains why.

Emily Hanford OpEd in NY Times

Two Decades of Reading: an analysis of English policy affecting literacy 1997-2016

The UK adopted early phonics as a nationwide educational strategy in 2010, after reading improvement had stalled out. Today, 89% of 10 year olds read proficiently.

Extraordinary Districts: Seaford, DE

Profile of Seaford's reading gains by Ed Trust

Neahuas Education Center Initiative

Profile of structured literacy intervention in Brownsville TX

Loudon Elementary, Panama-Buena Vista USD

Profile of Loudon Elementary results from foundational skills training

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