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Articles & Presentations

Presentations and Articles from Experts and Professional Sources

Learning to Read

Summary of the problem and scientific evidence from Amplify Center for Early Reading

The Science of Reading

Great summary of the problem, the scientific evidence, and what to do from The Reading League, one of the nation's leading reading advocacy groups

An Explanation of Structured Literacy, and a Comparison to Balanced Literacy

Clear and succinct explanation from the Iowa Reading Research Center at the University of Iowa

Let’s Understand What Reading Science is Really About

From Dr. Louisa Moats: "The body of work referred to as “the science of reading” is not an ideology, a philosophy, a political agenda, a one-size-fits-all approach, a program of instruction, or a specific component of instruction. It is the emerging consensus from many related disciplines, based on literally thousands of studies, supported by hundreds of millions of research dollars, conducted across the world in many languages."

Reading Wars, Reading Science, and English Learners

From Dr. Claude Goldenberg, authority on English Learners

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