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All Live, All Virtual - 9am - 1pm Pacific Time

This 2021 event is DONE.

Looking for our 2022 Conference?

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Attendance is free, but registration required and space is limited.

All sessions Live and Interactive - so we don't just learn, we connect!

Welcoming Remarks by Kyla Johnson-Trammell, Superintendent of Oakland Unified

Keynote Address by Lacey Robinson, CEO of UnboundEd 

Moderated Breakout Discussion Sessions, including some of our state's leading practitioners

Science Address by Professor John Gabrieli, Brain and Cognitive Sciences, MIT


Wrap up Panel Discussion - Where do we go from here? 

CRC Reading Heroes - Recognizing two of our Reading Heroes - an educator and an advocate 

Attendance is free, but registration required and space is limited.


            All Sessions will be recorded for later viewing.  But you have to attend live to engage!


Welcoming Remarks: Kyla Johnson-Trammell

Dr. Johnson-Trammell is the Superintendent of Oakland Unified, one of California's largest school districts, a position she has held since 2017.  She is an Oakland native, and served 23 years as an OUSD educator and administrator before being named Superintendent.  In April 2021, she declared that "Oakland schools should focus on students' early literacy," and made early literacy a key component of OUSD's strategic plan.

Keynote Address: Lacey Robinson 

As Chief Executive Officer of UnboundEd, Lacey Robinson has set a vision for equity-driven national change in public education. Lacey has more than two decades of experience in the intersecting topics of literacy, equity, and school leadership—serving as a teacher, principal, and staff development specialist in Maryland’s public schools.While designing UnboundEd’s signature professional learning opportunity for educators, the sector-leading Standards Institute, she helped lead the rapid growth of an organization respected for its national programs and customized professional learning for K–12 educators.

Moderated Breakout Discussions
A major goal of the Summit is make collective progress in understanding the challenges we face and how we can collectively address them.  To enable those discussions, we will feature hour-long breakout discussions by major topic.  Each breakout group will include thought leaders in that area, and moderators to keep the group on track.  The results from the breakout groups will shared and discussed during our Wrap Up Panel.

Breakout Topics will include:                                                    
     State Level Action/Issues - Legislation and regulation                                              
     English Learners and the Science of Reading 
     Higher Ed and Teacher Preparation                                            
     Connecting with Teachers - the shift from Balanced Literacy                                          
     Local Action - How to rally a District to focus and change

     Overview of the Science of Reading (*NEW*)                                               

Reading Science Address: John Gabrieli                                               
John Gabrieli is the director of the Athinoula A. Martinos Imaging Center at MIT's McGovern Institute, with faculty appointments in the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences and the Institute for Medical Engineering & Science, where he holds the Grover Hermann Professorship.


One of Dr. Gabrieli's research themes is the neural basis of learning in children. Gabrieli and colleagues have recently found structural differences in the brains of young children who are at risk for reading difficulties. Their findings suggest that it may be possible to target at-risk children for early intervention rather than waiting until they are already struggling to read. In another recent study, they have shown that adults and children with dyslexia show altered patterns of activity in many brain regions, an effect that may provide new insights into the fundamental cause of this condition. Gabrieli is also interested in the development of cognitive skills in school-age children, and in identifying ways that neuroscience could help improve educational outcomes. 

Wrap Up Panel - Where Do We Go From Here?                                    
The wrap up panel will read out the takeways from the Breakout Discussions, and focus on the directions and next steps to mobilize California for better reading instuction.  Attendees will have opportunities to pose questions to the panelists and actively participate in this discussion. 

The CRC Reading Heroes

We'll honor some of California's leaders in improving reading for our children!  We'll recognize these Reading Heroes for both Educator and Advocate of the Year!                                       

Attendance is free, but registration required and space is limited.

Questions:  Email us at

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